Monday, October 18, 2010


A while ago, my dear friend Melissa posted a FAIL in her kitchen using the recipe for Avanti's Sweet French Bread posted here. I'm sharing this here to assure her that indeed I am NOT good at everything (but thanks for thinking it anyway, Mull!). Notice the failed cake didn't keep me from eating the whole thing a piece!

I have about a 56% success rate with baking in a bundt. Simply NOT acceptable.

How on earth do you get it out without the top coming off?


liz @ bon temps beignet said...

I had a FAIL the other day.

I would eat a failed cake any day!!

Mom of 5 Boys said...

Oh my goodness, your friend's fail is hilarious! Poor girl. Looks like she needs your church friend's private lessons. ;) (I'm guessing I know who that is...) Way to go on your gorgeous bread. Maybe I should be brave and give it a try too.

Emilee said...

just buy some cooking spray with flour and your bundt cakes come out perfect! It isn't cheap, so I only use it on bundt cakes & sweet breads.

Melissa said...

Hahaha. For some reason I didn't see this post below the other one. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this. Not because I like to see you fail, simply because I made THAT VERY CAKE on Sunday with the exact same result. Absolutely hilarious!


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