Friday, July 30, 2010

Hooray for Crafting!

I've been getting ready for our trip to Canada, and decided to create a few fun, new things for Clark and Kent to play with along the way.

My first project was a Car Cozy that I read about at Homemade by Jill and The Crafting Chicks. I love taking a pair of Jason's old jeans and about $3 in materials and making something so stinking cute! It was fun to take Clark to pick out the fabric and notions and things. He got a kick out of that! I used a paint marker for the numbers. It didn't work like I wanted it to, but I do like the way it turned out. I hope he likes it as much as I do!

My second project was some felt squares for Kent. I also found these on The Crafting Chick. I know you don't have the finish the edges of felt, but they seemed so unfinished without a little zig zag. I also zig zagged the felt pieces. I love the way they look up close.
This next project was just out of necessity. We bought this lap desk for Clark for the ride. I thought it would be nice that he could have a little table. When we got it in the mail, it was all foam. How are you supposed to color on foam? So Jason cut a piece of MDF, and I whipped up a quick little pillowcase for it. That way we can change out the MDF if we need to, and we can also wash the pillowcase in the event of any spills.
The last project was a Funny Face game for Clark. I'm not going to post the picture of it just yet, but it is super cute and a lot of fun.

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