Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waterfall Glen and the Hippos

Here we are at Waterfall Glen. Clark loved stomping around and throwing rocks in the water. Grandma caught a snake, and the boys enjoyed that. Clark thought it was okay to look at the snake but didn't want to touch it at all. He just wanted Grandma to throw it back in the water. Instead Grandma brought it home and is going to let us keep it for a few days (yippee?!?). Maybe Clark will get used to it and want to hold it. A dad can dream. We stopped at the hippos too today. They were lots of fun as always. At least this time I remembered a change of clothes.


Melissa said...

I can't believe you're out and about. I am such an anti-social (think Jason Ryser) hermit after babies.

You look fantastic, Mur!

Tara said...

Clark is so cute! I too am impressed that you are already out with the little one. We for sure have to meet up when you come to Alberta. I saw Melissa, so it's only natural that I see you as well.


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