Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas in January...

...hey, it's better than July!
Here are some of Clark's first Christmas photos. His absolute favorite thing was the wrapping paper.

I think Clark was a little overwhelmed by Christmas because every time we started unwrapping gifts he would fall asleep. He fell asleep in his swing, while Grandpa Cam was holding him, and my personal favorite...during a shoulder ride!

Clark has been working on his "pigeon" eyes for quite a while. He still can't drive the bus.

Jason's favorite gift - Ride on Battlecat. You may remember it - gotta love ebay!
Jason hates "Kosiek" pictures. You know what I mean, Tara! (I think the Denny's bag adds a bit of character...what do you think?)


Steph said...

Oh your baby is soooo cute!!! Love all the pics. How is your house coming?? Post some before/after shots :)

Take Care!

Melissa said...

Um, are you guys standing in a bag? Also - what comment were you trying to leave on my blog? I got the "notifiying" email - but it came up blank. Might be my page freaking out - same thing happened to one of Stef's comments.

Derek & Kristine said...

I love the bag. Could it be added to the "Big" album? And Derek loves the battlecat. He said it's fierce.


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