Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Break - Children's Museum

Spring Break was a lot of fun! We had a wonderful staycation and got a lot of great use out of our museum memberships! First stop was the Children's Museum. 

Ha - I think this is hilarious!

Kara and I played by the blocks and balls while the boys worked on gears and building. It was so fun to watch Kara. She was determined to hold all three balls in her hands at the same time. She would have one in each hand and then get this determined look on her face as she stretched her little fingers as far as she could to pick up the other ball. So cute.

Then the three of them all worked on towers together. Building and then Kara-zilla knocking down.

The boys loved the construction zone. Clark built a bi-plane and Kent built a racecar. There may have been a slight mommy meltdown as Kent was building the car, but the wonderful people of the museum jumped in to help him out. Thank goodness!

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