Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Game 1 - Saints vs. Slammers

Clark's first t-ball game was so much fun. It was a beautiful Saturday even if it was a little windy. There are four fields and the games all start at the same times. They start each set of games with the national anthem which I think is so cool. Then the games last for 4 innings or 90 minutes. They play 9 batters per inning. Our team has been playing outs but I guess it is up to the coaches if they want to do outs yet or not.

Clark at bat 

Clark played left field, third base and pitcher twice. He really liked being pitcher. He said that he was able to do a lot more than in the other places. Jason was a proud dad. He loved watching him field the ball and throw to first. It's fun to see him playing hard and having fun.

Love this part of the game!!

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-michele said...

love his tongue when he was pitcher!


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