Thursday, January 23, 2014

Museum Day

Next time we think it's a good idea to visit MSI a few days after Christmas, stop us! It's crazy busy there and you can barely move! Even with our membership which gets us a shorter line, we still had to wait for almost an hour...and the sub tour sold out just before we got to check in! Ugh.

The boys had such a great time there though. We brought along Clark's friend which made Clark very happy! They loved the U-505 exhibit and the weather exhibit. We had fun looking at the Christmas Around the World trees. Cam posed in front of the Canada tree. I went to nurse Kara just as we were getting ready to leave, but I couldn't find a place to sit down. It was that busy! So I sat down on the floor in what I thought would be a very out of the way place. A few minutes later people start congregating around me and start asking, "when does it start?" I was so confused until I saw the snow coming down. Of all the places I could pick, I pick the indoor snowfall where a ton of people gather to see the snow. Not so out of the way...

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