Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kara at 8 months

8 months old and we still think we'd like to keep Kara around. She's such a delight. This last month she began making a funny noise that she now does all the time. It's almost like a hissing noise, but happier and with more spit. She is so much better at rolling over and sitting up. She has brought herself up on her knees like she wants to crawl a few times, but we just push her back down. Just kidding. She's almost decided on a sleep schedule. Almost. This month she has tried only two new foods carrots and green beans (and loved them both!). It was a busy month so I just used what I had already made earlier for the rest of the meals. She also flaps her arms and legs wildly when she likes something. 

Here's a little recap of her first year so far...

and now at 8 months!

Blurry, but cute! Love all her little expressions!

And let's talk for a minute about how adorable a baby mullet is. I need some reassurance that it is going to grow out. Sometimes I just get such a strong urge to cut it off! Jason says I should braid it. Not helpful.

I took a little video of her too.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I LOVE HER!!!!!!

I know Seth is a bit younger, but if I make sure he's mature for his age, can they get married?!

With Rob's genetics, he'll be grey by the time he's 30 anyway, making him look older! :)


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