Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Christmas!

Huh? Christmas was last month? Where does the time go? Christmas was lovely. I wanted desperately to buy Christmas pjs for us all this year, but I couldn't find anything that I even remotely liked. I had 8 yards of fabric from last year that I never used, so I pulled it out and made us some quick pjs pants. The kids' pants all turned out pretty good. The adult pjs had issues. Whatever. Slap a smile on your face and it's all good, right? I used this tutorial for the pj pants this year. It was super easy, but I have yet to find a decent method for making adult pj pants.

Christmas Eve we have a pajama party over at my parents' home. My dad had set up the train that he got for Christmas in 1957. The kids had a blast playing with it. It's amazing that it is in such great shape and runs well too. My mom made an amazing prime rib for dinner. I still think about it often it was so good. My iron must be low...dreaming about red meat! The kids played a left/right game with this story where we passed gifts around in a circle. Poor Kent was so confused and just wanted to open a present. After the game we watched the video that came with the book Christmas from Heaven. I would recommend the book, but now it's selling for $233! I certainly didn't pay that much!!

Then the gifts poured! It was certainly a football Christmas for Kent. Check out how excited he is for a chocolate football. Touchdown!! Clark loved his Kid Tough binoculars. I love the Kid Tough stuff. It really is tough.
A few more favorites...

We came home and the boys went right to bed. They did say they were going to stay up all night and listen for Santa. We told them that Santa wouldn't stop if they were awake. They weren't willing to risk it!

Santa came! Clark got a bean bag chair, diamond sword and pick axe, Lego Minecraft The Nether, Minecraft plush Creeper and Enderman, and some Minecraft guys. Kent got a bean bag chair, iron sword and pick axe, Bears football jersey and helmet, Minecraft plush Creeper and Enderman, and Bears Teammates. Kara got a Disney Princess Songs Palace. All of the kids got a Lionel Scout electric train set too. I can't wait to set that up each year!!
Look at me - I'm going to shoot my eye out! Opening gifts was a lot of fun. I just love seeing their faces get so excited about things. The best is when they actually stop to put it on, open it up, try it out. Then you know you picked out the perfect gift. Clark was very efficient at opening gifts. He stopped a few times to check things out, but knew that the ultimate purpose was to open things up as fast as he could and then check them out. Kent was v.e.r.y.s.l.o.w. at opening gifts. He wanted to open everything. Total overload. I felt bad rushing him at the end, but we had a busy day and had to move on!
Amidst the wreckage

Our next stop is over to Jason's parents house. We have a nice breakfast while we're there and then all migrate to the front room for gifts. Jason claimed his spot on his "sick chair."  I was handing out gifts most of the time, so there aren't many pictures from this presentfest, but it was fun! Cam made Wendy a beautiful shelf for the family room and he also got her wedding ring fixed. She was in tears! Such a fun morning!
We headed back home to get the sweet potato casserole in the oven and to meet my mom and dad. They came over with another one of Kent's gifts that was too big for Christmas Eve. They made him some PVC uprights for the backyard! I can't wait to try them out when it warms up a bit! They also brought over Jason's Thundercats Lair. Seriously. I could tell he was pretty bummed on Christmas Eve when he didn't get the Lair. He KNEW that my mom was going to get it for him, but he didn't open it up. He was okay with it and decided that he would just buy it with his Christmas cash. My mom likes to make him sweat I think, so she waited until Christmas Day to bring it over. He was very happy!! Like a kid on Christmas?! Clark also took a few minutes to try out his snowboard from Jason. He's since tried it on a lot of snow and loves it!

Our final Christmas stop is by Jason's Gram's house. We went and a lovely dinner and gifts. The boys were playing after dinner near the pool table. They weren't really being rough or anything. Kent bumped into the pool table and started crying. Jason went over slowly to see what was the matter. He looked kind of shocked and took him to the bathroom. I figured it was just a bloody lip which is pretty common with these boys. A few minutes later I went to the bathroom to check on him and there was blood everywhere! His gums were all black and blue and then I wiggled his tooth. It was loose! I was hoping it would just be kind of loose, but by the time we were done with presents it had fallen out. He was a trooper through the whole thing. I was probably more of a wreck than he was. My little hillbilly!

After a few phone calls to dentist friends, we realized there was nothing we could do. We took him to the dentist the following morning and they said his remaining teeth looked fine and that there was no damage. He was kind of excited to get the first visit to the tooth fairy in our house. She even brought $5 since it was knocked out! I guess we have to get used to this one tooth wonder!

Merry Christmas - a month later!!

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