Sunday, January 05, 2014


Are you ready for a series of Christmas related posts? We'll start with Sam, our elf. The kids absolutely LOVED finding Sam this year. He was all over trying to trick them. Clark would get so bummed when he didn't have time to find Sam before school. Then he would look for him first thing when he got home. Clark often told me that he knew Sam wasn't real and came from a box. I'm not sure he was totally convinced either way. Love the magic of Christmas!

Some of our favorite things that Sam did...on the first he always brings our book advent which we love. He defeated Skeletor with He-Man's help. He was captured by Beast Man and put in Lego jail. Then he had to hang out on the Christmas tree for 2 days to get his magic back. He played hockey on our old mirror with his new hockey jersey. Kent loved that day. He had me make him his own candy cane hockey stick wrapped with electrical tape so that he could play against Sam. Kara had a blast watching him! Sam wrote a thank you note saying that he loved his jersey and that he plays on the North Polar Bears elf hockey team.
Sam also took Godzilla for a ride by dangling a "carrot" flavored tootsie roll in front of him. The boys thought he was fishing. He helped St. Nick with the stockings and showed us his Spiderman moves. He enjoyed the real reason for the season. He made a copy of himself, signed up for Illinois' concealed carry (not good), studied some scriptures and even made his own photo booth props!
It was sad to see Sam go, but we'll see him again next year!

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