Thursday, December 12, 2013

We Were Thankful

Technically we still ARE thankful, but this was how we remembered our gratitude during November.

After we started piling up our leaves I thought it would have been fun to make a leaf out of a bunch of leaves. Kent spoke before I could and decided that he wanted to line up all his blue ones and then make them connect to a line of leaves from the other side. So let it be written. So let it be done. The leaves were just cut out of cardstock using my Silhouette and we taped them to the wall. Easy peasy. I might choose fewer leaf types next year (if I remember).

Some favorites from the leaves:

Jason is thankful...
-for bed time
-for his eternal family
-for the occasional overtime
-for the right to bear arms
-that Mary gets to park in the garage
-for a stapler

Mary is thankful...
-for Costco samples and happy kids
-for chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese
-for fabric
-that my talk in Sacrament meeting is over
-for an early morning jog on a beautiful day
-for smiles

Clark is thankful...
-for spending time with family
-for school
-for watching a movie
-for Minecraft
-for stinky farts (hey...we should be thankful in all things, right?)
-for turkey

Kent is thankful...
-for doing Christmas lists
-for singing
-for the letter "t" and coaches
-for doing up and over (to get his coat on)
-for my Wolverine costume
-for big football guys and small, tiny, tiny football guys

Kara couldn't contain her gratitude to a little leaf. :)

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