Saturday, November 16, 2013

Soldier Field (well, almost!)

I know this is going to come as a shock, but Kent loves football. He eats, drinks, sleeps, We went to pick up Jason some new running shoes for our big race in May. Kent was ecstatic that he lucked out and got brand new stadium in the process!

Read carefully...those are Kent's two favorite letters to write, "t" and "o". If you ask him what he wrote on the top of the box, he usually answers, "coaches."

Having fun with his teenymates! He loves these little guys. He asks to look them up on YouTube all the time. He watches videos of all the different guys you can get like the glow-in-the-dark guy and the Seattle Seahawks. Seriously, when he told me that he wanted a Seattle Seahawk teenymate I about died laughing!

Jason helped with the turf and the yard lines. Looks like he got a little tired by Kent's end zone. Kent marked the middle and his end zone. Clark had to help of course and label his side. He's very good about being the team with the mismatched helmets. Kent is always the Ravens and the Falcons because they have matching helmets (at least that's why I think he puts them together). The Titans and Redskins are always the opposing team (translation - mom or Clark's teams).

He is desperate to put together an entire team of teenymates! My response (to just about everything these days), "Put it on your Christmas list."

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-michele said...

We went through the McD's drivethru the other day (rare occasion these days!) and Eli saw the little guys inthe happy meal toys... and begged me to buy him a meal so he could give it to Kent.


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