Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is it Science or Industry?

Days off of school seem so rare and precious! I'm finally feeling up to taking all three kids places...that is until I took them all to the Museum of Science and Industry! Haha! I know most of the exhibits are hands on, but I just wanted them to stop pushing buttons! Aghhhhh! We did have a great day though. Even if I needed a tranquilizer.

I'm so glad that Clark reminded me of our souvenir photo series. Here is the second photo in our series. You can find the rest of them (the other one with hopefully more to come) here.

We were also super lucky to stumble upon the "Bangs, Flashes and Fire" show. Clark loved it and participated every chance he could. He got a sticker for identifying safety glasses as protective gear...smart kid, haha! Kent hid behind me the whole time. Kara happily watched. The first thing they did was set some ice on fire. That was pretty cool, but we were wanting to see more than a little candle flame even if it was burning ice. So then they made some different color fires and we learned that the things they add to the fuel makes the different colors. Lithium makes pink and copper makes green. I can't remember what the super tall flame was, but it was high! The bangs came at the end when they blew up a hydrogen balloon. Then they filled a balloon with rocket fuel and blew that one up. I don't have a picture of that one since I had to cover Kara's poor ears for the bang!
The museum has SO much in it that I never feel like I even scratch the surface of what we can see. We walked down by the ships and race cars. Then went to the weather exhibit where Clark got to walk in the vortex. Kent didn't want to. Clark also wanted to step into a tornado and experience 80 mph winds. He's fascinated by tornadoes right now, so I think it's fun for him to learn the science behind them. We also went to the YOU exhibit where Clark was able to take a spin on the hamster wheel and Kent finally enjoyed something! He practiced with a Tai Chi master.
Jason stopped by the museum after work and joined us for the last half of the day. They had a special Disney exhibit there too. I was so excited to see some Mary Poppins stuff. The carpet bag was really like carpet - long carpet. I always thought it was a bit more like tapestry. I have to watch the movie again. They also had the prop storybooks from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I thought they were really cool to see. They had a lot of information about the animation process which always fascinates me. I am always shocked at how much goes into making an animated film. Simply amazing. The last stop of the day was at the Animation Studio where they taught us how to draw Mickey Mouse - without an eraser! It was fun and most of the Mickeys turned out pretty well! I always love seeing Clark's drawings!

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Ben said...

The boys looked like they had fun and Kara held up her end she just looked great.


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