Tuesday, October 01, 2013

His Best Game So Far

Yikes...two football posts in a row! I want to get these pics posted since we are on our way to yet another football game tonight. Some days it feels like all we do is football. I can't imagine what families who have more than one child in a sport feel like! We'll be there before we know it...good thing I am still enjoying it!!!

I think Clark's favorite part of the whole thing is hanging out with his friends. I love that.

That might be Kent's favorite part too. He loves seeing his "football friends" at practices and games. When we are on this side of the field the brothers and sisters spend the entire time in the baseball diamond dust. Makes for some very dirty but happy kids at the end!!

I had Kara for a while at this last game, so my dad took charge of the camera. I love this shot he made of Clark bursting through the line!

This is one of my favorite things about a game. I love when they congratulate each other at the end of the game for a game well played.

This was Clark's best game as of yet. He was finally able to pull another player's flags. It made a big difference in his play...at least I thought so. He seemed to run and block with a little more purpose. They were videotaping this game too, so as soon as he pulled those flags I shouted, "we're buying a DVD!" We can't wait to watch it and hear his name by the announcer.

Good game, Clark!

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