Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Months Already?!

Kara celebrated her 5 month birthday with us last week. I can hardly believe it. We sure do love having her as part of our family. Whenever anyone is in a bad mood, we just have them go play with Kara and they can't be in a bad mood for long. That means Kent plays with Kara A LOT! haha!

Someone said, "Boo!" This is her Halloween face!

This is more of her everyday face. Kara is a little chatterbox (because we needed another one of those in our house!). She squeals with delight, giggles, babbles and even mumbles.

Oh...and she makes bubbles!

Here's a little spread of her Eames Rocker photo series. It seems like she changes so much in a month but then it seems like she's not so different!


-michele said...

Eli just said, "She looks like her mom!"

MALaub said...

She is so adorable. I wish I could see her in person. You're really showing her personality through pictures, though. So I can look at her pics and feel my bad mood lifting. Thanks for sharing!

Andi Walker said...

She be growing outta the chair, Momma. Love this idea and love catching up on your sweet baby girl and your life. We need to chat sometime girl. Hugs XOXO, Andi Walker


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