Sunday, September 22, 2013

Through the Eyes of a Child

We finally transferred some pictures from Clark's camera to the computer. It was so fascinating to see things from Clark's perspective. And hey...I'm a big part of his life...who knew?! Not that I enjoy seeing pictures of myself, but I do like to think that I was around!

I also think it is clear that Clark LOVES his brother and sister. The majority of the pictures were of them. I love that he even took a picture of me trying to wipe Kent's nose. A parenting secret (I'm sure it's no secret to parents out there...) is to wait until they are buckled in their car seats and then wipe their noses. It's harder for them to run away!
Keep clicking Clark!!

1 comment:

-michele said...

I loved checking out the photos Cana took when she went to camp or when the camera was left on the table... great idea for an entry! I might have to 'scraplift' it!


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