Monday, September 02, 2013

Family Glass Block

I'm helping out with our ward's Super Saturday again this year. But this time I'm only doing one project. This might be the one...

I saw this project just after we had decided on last year's Super Sat. projects and knew that it would be a great one for this year.

So here's my version with instructions on how to make your own.

Gather your supplies:
-glass block
-glass etching cream
-2x3 picture frame
-vinyl stencil
-(not pictured) family picture, paper towels, glass cleaner, needle, thread

1. Clean your glass block and apply the stencil. I made this stencil on my Silhouette using the Great Vibes font. Then I did an Internet search for the swirl. I can't remember the site where I found this one. Use masking tape if you are worried that the glass etching cream will spill out over your stencil.

2. Liberally apply glass etching cream over the entire stencil. Make sure to brush up and down and back and forth for the best coverage. Let sit for 10 minutes.

3. Wipe off the glass etching cream and return it to the jar. You can reuse this stuff! Then rinse off the block with water. Remove the stencil and then clean the glass with glass cleaner.

4. Fill the block with some rocks or sand or shells or beads or anything really!

5. Place the picture frame on the rocks and ensure that it is straight.

6. Tie a ribbon around the block and sew a button onto the middle of the bow.

Ta da!


Kathy said...

Hi Thank you for this great tutorial. Can you please tell me where to purchase the glass blocks from......... Kathy

Mary Wilde said...

Hi Kathy,

We got our blocks at Michael's but I've seen them at JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby as well. I'm not sure if the ones from Home Depot or a hardware store would work but that would be another place to check.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What size block did you use?

Mary Wilde said...

I think it was probably an 8x8 block. Just a standard size found at Hobby Lobby. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like a dummy but do you have to drill a hole in your block to get the rocks in or are there some blocks that have openings already? I'm new at the DIY stuff. Thanks

Laura Wells said...

How did you get picture frame in

Amanda gotschall said...

Can I ask how you printed out your picture? I'm having so much trouble getting them printed out

Mary Wilde said...

The glass blocks that we bought had an opening at the top already. They were intended to be banks.

As for the picture, I had it printed at our local Meijer and just popped it in the frame. Hope that helps!

Rocio Blanco de Lusky said...

Great idea, thank you!

Dianna Owens said...

What size is your font please?

Mary Wilde said...

I'm not sure what size the font is. If the block is 8" then I would say the font would be whatever would make it about 5.5-6". Hope that helps!

Olivia Lyons said...

Hello, I have a glass block, but it doesn't open do I can't put anything inside of it, what should I do?


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