Friday, August 30, 2013

Minecraft Madness

Clark loves the game Minecraft so naturally he wanted a Minecraft party. I wasn't really going to put much work into his family party since we were going to throw him a friend party this year...still thinking on that one! Anyway, I started looking at Minecraft ideas on Pinterest and things sort of snowballed. I still didn't do too much, but we tried to make it as Minecraft-y as possible given our time restraints of 2 days.

The Minecraft Cake. Jason modeled this one after the one that is in the game. We looked at the picture a little closer AFTER he had already frosted the body of the cake. Next time we would leave the bottom the color of the cake. Clark didn't care though - he loved it!

One of his awesome gifts - he loved his Clark bar! I think it might be his new favorite candy bar.

A new camera for our budding photographer! Now you'll be seeing pictures from both my perspective and Clark's perspective. How cool is that?

And of course an awesome creeper doll!

He got lots of other cool things like books, shirts, a cool Razor tricycle thing, TMNT Legos and more - thank you everyone!

The food was really the only place we did the Minecraft thing. We tried to match everything to a food or item from the game. Then I made food labels using pictures from the game and the Minecrafter font. We made TNT for favors by covering a set of 3 Rolos in red construction paper and wrapping it with a ribbon and label.

I was really excited about our Potion Brewing Station. Potions are a big part of the game and Clark loves mixing his own flavors of drinks when we go out to eat. I bought a bunch of Jelly Belly sno-cone flavors and little beakers and pitchers for them to use. Then we had a chart telling them what the potions were and what they looked like. The concept was great. One big problem - the potions tasted horrible. Bust. I think the kids actually needed to add more syrup to their drinks. Or maybe we should have started with a 7-Up base instead of just water. Another thought I had was to use those Kool-Aid juice things. Oh well.

Regardless, I had fun celebrating with my big 6 year old!

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