Tuesday, August 27, 2013

At the Hall

We love to visit Boompa at work at least once each summer. It's fun for the boys to see where Boompa works and to play with the cranes. We didn't get to do the cranes this time, but maybe next year. This year we just made a lot of noise and made messes wherever we went! I felt like we were very unwelcome visitors. Boompa would probably never say that, but I will!

This guy is my #1 troublemaker as of late. He's a bit challenging at times and we butt heads often. I guess I'm glad he's got a mind of his own. I just wish he wouldn't use it against me all the time. And it's always about stupid things. I digress. He can be just as charming as he is challenging, so I'll cling to those moments.

Clark is a budding photographer. He loves candid shots.

Union stickers!

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