Thursday, July 18, 2013


Here's the cute little outfit that I made for Kara for when she came home from the hospital. I think it fits her pretty well at 8 weeks old...sheesh!

When I was telling Clark that I was going to take Supergirl pictures of Kara he decided that he wanted to make a prop for the photos. He even told me he wanted to have her put her hand up like she was flying. I think she cooperated pretty well!

I'm thinking that if there is one word that our family should be able to spell, it would be "super." I guess we'll be working on that!!

And a picture with her Supergirl bear! I love how they are basically the same size. I know I should have taken a picture with the bear when she was first born, but I didn't for some reason. This one will have to do!

Here's the whole ensemble that I made for her. The shoes fit her when she was first born but they no longer do. I even made the 0-3 month size and they are just too small. You can find the pattern here: they are the Ballerina Baby Shoes. I used this tutorial for the flower on her headband (which is also too small now). I used grosgrain ribbon instead of fabric. The patch was from PowerPatches on Etsy. She did a custom order for me and we LOVED the result! You can get the Superman logo in any colors you want!

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-michele said...

What's that expression... the best laid plans? The outfit is adorable, then or now! I love the fabric that the clothes are lying on in the last pic too!


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