Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seriously Good Eats

Ahhhh...eating! Some days it is easy to love everything you eat. Like when you have dinner at Mangia Fresca. This is one of Jason's favorite places to eat. He gets it every time he works at Amtrak, Library Towers, Printer's Corner or any other downtown job. I always make fun of him because he has set places to go for lunch at every job site. He says they decide where they are going to be eating lunch when they first show up at the site. If you go, he recommends the chicken parmesan sandwich.

Then we went and enjoyed an original rainbow cone. I am kind of a vanilla gal myself, so I was skeptical about this layered treat. The cone starts with chocolate, then strawberry, Palmer House (which is vanilla with walnuts and cherries), pistachio and then finally orange sherbet on top. Oh my goodness...when something has been around since 1926 it is probably good! SO YUMMY!!

Jason found out that this little gem is right down the street from Little Company of Mary which is another job he goes to. I guess he has a new set place for a treat after work!


-michele said...

Is Clark undecided about the place? Thumbs up or is it thumbs down?

-michele said...

oh and Kara is looking like your boys now... look at those adorable chubby cheeks!


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