Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No Swimming?

This weekend was SO nice! And I'm happy to say that we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went out to Whalon Lake. The kids all brought their bikes and my mom brought the paddle boat. We all got settled and Dave took the kids down to the water. After a little while I decided to go down and take some pictures. I thought this was a funny one...that's Clark there swimming in the water.

He didn't think twice about going in the water with his jeans, shirt, socks, shoes...

And even his bike...this makes me smile!

Excited to try it again!

We made sure we had life vests for everyone...we didn't make sure that they fit everyone. I don't think this is going to do a lick of good for Josh!

Jason taking the boys out for a spin

Gigi's turn

Where the masterminding happened...planning for our upcoming vacation to Wisconsin!

Kara loving the grass

Kara modeling her cute little outfit! Auntie Kelli bought this one for her. I need to find/make a different headband for it, but this is what we had on hand.

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