Sunday, July 07, 2013

Kara's First White Dress

Little Kara was blessed at church today. It is such a beautiful day when a baby is blessed. I always feel the weight of my responsibility as a mother to love and nurture one of Heavenly Father's children. I think how lucky I am to get to call these little ones mine for all eternity. I think of all of the amazing things I want for my each of them and all of the great experiences we will have together. And I love to think about the little grandchildren they will give me one day!!!

This little girl just melts our hearts.

I was really excited to be able to make her blessing dress. I found a dress at Nordstrom that I really loved and wanted to copy for the blessing dress with a few tweaks. Then came the pattern hunt. I ended up buying a vintage pattern from Canada. Then my mom and I went out to Vogue fabrics in Evanston to buy some fabric. They have such an amazing selection there. And in addition to the selection, they have amazing help there too! The ladies in the bridal section were so knowledgeable and helped in so many ways.

But even after all of that, it still took making a muslin and making some alterations before the dress was complete. I do love how it turned out though even if it did make Kara a slippery little eel!

The full fam - the Wilde five!

Dad and his little girl

I always love when things look so out of place like this...a beautiful dress and a screaming baby in a car seat. She was pretty grumpy all day. That is up until about an hour ago when she finally went. You know what I mean.

Kara, it's such a blessing to have you in our family. We love you so much - grumpy or not!

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