Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kent Turns 3!

Kent finally turned 3! Sometimes it seems like forever before these kids turn the next age. I'm not sure if it is wonderful that he is three or if it is still terrible. Sometimes it is worse than 2...

We had a fantastic day celebrating his birthday though! We started with blue waffles.

Then he got a new Monster Jam Grave Digger shirt. I don't think he is going to want to wear a different shirt ever again. It even has his name on the sleeve! Too cool.

Kent asked to go miniature golfing and we were happy to go along with him! The boys are so funny to golf with. Kent will usually hit the ball from the start and then he runs down, picks it up and puts it about 6 inches from the hole and then knocks it in. Clark prefers the drag-it-to-the-hole method of getting a hole in one. Towards the end the boys were just throwing the ball towards the hole so they didn't have to count their first stroke. Good thing we weren't keeping score.

After lunch we took Kent to Toys-R-Us to pick out some toys. It's always fun to just say yes to them after telling them most of the, we're not getting you a toy today.

Here is the happy birthday boy with his purchases. I'll give you one guess of what he bought.

I was pretty exhausted after that, so Kara and I went home while the boys went to the carnival. They quickly returned when they found out that Kent couldn't ride a single thing and Clark could ride one ride but only if Jason was on there with him. What a bummer.

So we decided to take in a movie instead. I figured I would be okay to just sit in a theater for a while. We went to see Epic. I was hoping that it was going to be better.

After the movie and dinner we had a birthday cookie with FROSTING. That's the most important part for Kent.

I taught him how to do 3 just like I did when I was 3! So cute!

A couple of presents and then we were all ready for bed!

Happy Birthday to my big boy Kent!

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