Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Easter in an Eggshell

It's kind of like a nutshell. 

It was Saturday night and we still hadn't dyed our Easter eggs. Sometimes I think there are just too many traditions to keep up with. There aren't enough hours in the day. We managed to create a few crazy eggs. Not that we eat them or hide them or do anything with them. We just make them and then throw them away. That's why we only do 6. 

Egg dyeing in action.

Then Clark remembered that we had to hide carrots. I forgot to buy the big carrots for the bunny, so we had to hide two baby carrots each. Clark was so worried that he would get a small Easter basket since the carrots were small. I don't think he got a small Easter basket at all! The bunny surprised mom, dad and Kara with goodies too. I've always wanted one of these big Reese's eggs. I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to sink my teeth into it. I was going to save it for Conference weekend, but then I got sick. Kara got a big kiss that she shared with her dad and Jason got his favorite Sour Punch things.

More of these wonderful egg glasses! LOVE them!

I think giving kids magnifying glasses for every holiday is a great idea. Their baskets and all of the candy and toys look bigger that way.

We were able to spend the majority of Easter with my family this year. That was a welcome treat! Auntie Kelli got some cascarones (confetti filled eggs) and the kids pelted each other with them in the front yard. Nothing says Happy Easter like throwing eggs at your family.

Then we had a fun egg hunt where the boys made out like bandits with toys, money and candy galore.

The rest of the evening was a blast too, but I was too full or tired to take pictures of it! I guess that's the mark of a great holiday get together!

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-michele said...

So jealous of your Reese Egg... The Easter Bunny brought Cana a Reester Bunny, and she wouldn't share... how rude!

...and only 6 eggs... eesh... we do more than one dozen per person! (and eat them... within the week!)


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