Saturday, March 23, 2013

What is a Geode?

Clark had his school Open House/Science Fair this week. He was VERY excited about his project and seeing his school friends after hours.

Just a normal expression from this boy. He was on speed the entire night since he was seeing his friends.

He did such a great job on his project. He did a Research Project on geodes and learned a lot. 

Kent wasn't to be left behind though. Especially not if there was a hammer and rocks involved. Here the boys are breaking the rocks open to see if they have a geode inside. Sometimes they did. And sometimes they didn't.

We also found an "easy little project" to make our own geodes on Martha Stewart. Drilling eggs, working with weird stuff called alum and wearing rubber gloves were just a few of the highlights.

 Geologist at work...

We decided to celebrate with some ice cream afterwards. This was taken just before the entire table was covered in chocolate ice cream from the little one. Aye. I wonder what his first science project will be!

Clark is already brainstorming ideas for next year's event.

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