Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inside and Out (4D Ultrasound pics!)

I figured it was about time I took a belly shot. You know, before the belly is gone (haha - as if it's really ever GONE!) Anyway...here I am at 29 weeks.

Here you can actually see that it's me. Though it seems I have aged 15 years recently. Let's just say the camera adds 15 years.

And now here's a sneak peek of Kara on the inside! We went for a 4D Ultrasound last night and got a little glimpse into our little girl's place.  She kept her hands in front of all or part of her face the entire time, but we still got cute little pictures. It blows my mind that this is even possible.

She was pretty busy moving around - just not moving her hands - so some things are a little blurred. 10 more weeks and we'll be holding this little one on the outside for real. We scheduled the c-section for May 18th. It will be here before I know it!!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

OH! Look at how cute the two of you are! SO ADORABLE!


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