Thursday, January 10, 2013

We love the Wolves!

And this year we were almost all able to show our team pride with jerseys. Clark's jersey is still really big on him. But Cameron was able to wear it a little better. It was even big on him.

Kent loved the hockey game. He was trying to keep a close eye on Skates though. He was constantly asking where he was.

Cameron and Clark had a good time too. They were just happy to be together hanging out. Clark was funny when the Wolves scored a goal. He would jump up and throw his hands in the air.

And yes...there was a fight! We always love a good hockey fight. Lots of broken sticks this game too. But in the end, the wolves didn't quite make it. They went into sudden death overtime and the Griffins scored before they did. Bummer. Maybe next year.

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