Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas Eve

Kelli decided that this year we were going to do a pajama party for Christmas Eve at my mom's. I was excited since I like to make matching pajamas for the family for Christmas Eve. Turns out I just couldn't work the homemade pajamas in the schedule. Oh well. Jason was out shopping on Christmas Eve to find us all some pajamas that would work. We were supposed to be coordinating, but that just didn't work out either. And that's okay.

We took our family PJ pic BEFORE the party. White shirts are a silly idea, hehe!

Each of us was also supposed to bring an activity or something to do with the kids. Kelli brought some foam reindeer ornaments.

I had found a Christmas version of If You're Happy and You Know It. It started out innocent enough. And they were all having a good time.

Then very quickly it disintegrated into this...

My mom's game was a fun one. Each child gets a wrapped present. Then as I read The Night Before Christmas, the kids would listen for when I would say the word "and." Each time I said it, they would pass the gift to the left. When the story was over, they got to unwrap the gift in their hand as the first gift of the night. The kids LOVED it.

Speaking of loved it...Kent and his golf game. He was so excited when he opened it that he didn't want to open any other gifts. When I would give him another gift, he would give a sigh and say, "okay, I'll open it." Then as soon as the paper was off, he would point to the golf game and ask to play it.

Once it was opened...there was no stopping him. He played for a good long while and kept coming back to it again and again.

Kara even got a cute little outfit.

Clark is very accomplished in this thing called gift opening. He was efficient and grateful.

He loved his new guitar! Lessons of course have to start with which way is up.

A little leaf bubble blower fun.

Such a fun Christmas Eve!

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