Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is what summer looks like.

I'm not really crazy about swimming. I don't like the gear. I don't like the green hair at the end of the season. I don't like the sun or having to put on sunscreen. I don't like having to get ready several times a day. You get the picture, right? So I'm not really sure why I decided to get a pool pass for the kids and me. But don't you know...I love it. It's so fun to see how much these little guys love the water, and to see how much braver they get each time they go. They aren't crazy adventurous in the water, but that's okay. We'll just keep going until they are comfortable in water. 

This little guy held on for dear life when we first got to the pool. He finally let me show him that he could walk in the water and that was all he needed. Then he started climbing in, splashing, walking, having fun.

This big guy loved the pool from the start as long as he could touch the ground. Not sure how to work on that.... 

Look...he's even doing tricks. He's balancing on one foot and one hand. Look impressed. :)

But maybe my favorite part of having a pool membership is the nice long nap they both take when we get home!

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