Monday, June 18, 2012

Farmer's Market

It was so nice last week. I didn't even mind the 90 degree temps since there was practically no humidity. Thursday night, My mom suggested going to the village's Farmer's Market. We are so glad we did. Look at those happy faces!

This face would be really happy too, but it's too busy enjoying the sausage.

Fresh cherries

This was one of those moments that just made me so happy. Like really, really happy.


Have a little fun rolling around the water feature. That is until the fun (i.e. mall) police came.

Finish off the night listening to some great Beatles music from the cover band That Cavern Beat.

Twist and Shout...Gigi and Kent cut a rug.

Clark was really embarrassed at first to dance. I let him know that the song was almost over, and then he got up and twisted the night away for at least 20 seconds. But look at that joy! What a FUN night. 

1 comment:

Melissa said...

This looks ridiculously fun. Makes me wish I had a Gigi and Boompa close by.

PS - that one lady in the audience is like towering above everyone else! I'd hate to be sitting behind her!


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