Friday, April 27, 2012

St. Patrick loves April

And that's why I'm posting today. 41 days AFTER St. Patrick's Day.

Does it get much better than this t-shirt? You're right...the kid with the t-shirt is better. Oh this picture cracks me up. "Kiss Me I'm a Knucklehead"

The boy cousins on the Wilde side...(l to r) Kent, Zachery, Clark, Cameron

Kent and Clara enjoying some St. Patrick's Day cookies. And Clark felt oh-so-unlucky with his trip into the lake. We felt lucky to see it of course!

Feeding the geese, throwing some rocks, learning some important life lessons

Climbing the tree. Kent didn't climb, and I don't think he liked being placed up there either. The other boys thought it was great. (top photo, left to right, Clark, Cameron, Nathan, Kent in front, Jason and Zachery)
I'm so glad we soaked up the warm weather while it was here last month. This month has been quite a bit cooler. How sad.

Until next year! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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