Wednesday, March 14, 2012

all present and accounted for

19 Days! It's almost here! On April 2nd the NARA will release images of the 1940 US Census so that it can be indexed, and I'm going to help!! Doesn't that sound exciting?! I think it does.

Back in high school I started researching my family history. It was always amazing to me to be able to see records of my family from when they were alive. I remember being at the Grundy County Courthouse and finding a Naturalization record of a family member. It was the actual document and had his signature on it. He had actually had signed that piece of paper. I thought it was pretty cool.

Anyway...the 1940 Census is here and it needs to be indexed so that I can search it for my family members. I'm hoping to get some more pieces of the puzzle that I'm working on that is my family history.

If you'd like to help too, you can sign up here at this link.

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