Wednesday, February 01, 2012

WIP 2.1 (Sounds like a computer program)

Such a busy week! We're trying to get some projects finished up before a dinner party tomorrow. It's nice to have a deadline to motivate sometimes. I'm sure Jason wouldn't agree with me, but's the truth!

TIP: A few weeks ago I saw on a fellow Work in Progress blog post (sorry I can't remember who it is!) that the person had kept their projects in separate clear bins. While on one of our MANY Home Depot runs, I found some clear shoe boxes for $1.17 a piece. I picked up five and figure I shouldn't have more quilt projects than that at a time...we'll see! I love being able to pick up a bin and go - very handy! And please don't count the quilt projects in progress...

Completed Projects
  •  none...

Projects in Progress
  • Wee Woodland Flying Geese Quilt - finished blocks are up to 12! That means I actually made 6 blocks this week.

  • Queen's King Quilt - I've redesigned the quilt from my original thoughts, so I recut the strips accordingly. See the lovely clear bin?! Awesome.

  • Hand Towel Apron - no progress
  • 2012 Christmas Planner - no progress
  • Basement Sewing Table - no progress
  • Baby Quilt 1 - fabric and pattern picked out

  • Baby Quilt 2 - fabric picked out

New Projects
  • Bee Blocks for February arrived!
Completed: 0
New: 1
Total In Progress: 9

Home reno...baseboards, shoe moulding and the last stinkin' piece of door trim (which really isn't the last piece) are all stained and varnished. Both closet doors are stained and hung. Varnish to come soon. We're going to take them down and spray them all at the same time. Stairs, stained and one coat of poly. I'm wiping on the second coat right after this blog post. 

Here you can see both the closet doors and the stairs. Love blue tape. I think it should stay there. Don't you love the teeny shoe sitting in front of the closet door (love the littles). We're thinking of framing the closet in with trim as well. We'll see. Jason wants to change all of the door trim in the house now. I think I'll have to wait a little bit for that. I also bought a new rug for the front door as well as an area rug for the front room. This might be a good time to take some whole room shots...right before the party. We'll see!

And I'm happy to say that every piece of Christmas decor is down and put away. It took me WAAAAY too long this year! I've updated my curio with my regular goods. I just love all the little treasures it holds!

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Emilee said...

your stairs and doors look FABULOUS! Kudos to you and Jason ;)


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