Sunday, September 04, 2011

Someone Special Turned 4!

Last month a very special boy turned 4 years old!! Four years of laughing, loving and learning! Love you Clark!

And he loved his new Godzilla.
We set out at the beginning of the day to go to the Sears Tower. As we got closer to the city, the rain came down harder and harder. We didn't really have a plan B, but we took the long road and went to LegoLand Discovery Center in Schaumburg instead. We LOVED it! They had a miniature Chicago with working cranes. The boys loved those.
We also loved the Jungle and the characters. I can't believe they build these all out of legos. Incredible.
Clark's favorite thing by far was the car building and racing. Clark built his first car and set it up on the track. His car came in second, so he modified it (as seen in the middle picture below) so that he was sure to win by a nose!! What a funny kid. But he won! After each race he would add a few bricks or take a few off. The races were a lot of fun.
When we left LegoLand, the skies were clear and bright so we headed out to the city. It was cool to be able to show Clark all of our favorite places from 103 stories up. He loved seeing the planetarium and the aquarium. The coolest thing was the Ledge. I wasn't sure how Clark was going to like it, but he walked right out on it without any trouble. Kent wasn't buying that it was going to hold his weight. He wouldn't walk out on to the Ledge, so I picked him up and put him on it. He froze in the same position that I set him down. It made me a little dizzy to look down, so I don't blame him at all.
Happy Birthday Clark!!

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MALaub said...

LegoLand does look like fun. Wonderful pictures. I can't believe Clark is already 4. Alison wants him to be 3 like she is, but she'll catch up soon (for part of the year, anyway).

Also, Kent may have been frozen on the ledge, but he wasn't crying. He's one brave one-year old.


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