Monday, September 26, 2011

An Apple A Day

He's crazy for them. He will walk around for an hour just chomping on one. He eats the WHOLE thing - core and all. If I didn't take the stem off, I think he'd eat that too. And he does this all with only six teeth. I just have to make sure he doesn't poison himself with the apple many is too many?

Don't you love the one on the almost makes me think of what his senior portraits will look like, maybe we'll trade the apple for a book or something!
A little glimpse into his humor... As I was taking these pictures, he would hit the window with his apple. I would make a sound like he shouldn't be doing that, and he would laugh and laugh. Then he'd go right ahead and hit the window again. This kid is going to give me a run for each and every gray hair I think. If there's any left to change after Clark...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

very cute story. Apples are very good for him. I wished I liked them more. He is looks very happy. Love GiGi


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