Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Sampler

A friend just posted a Random Sampler on her blog and I liked it so much that I decided to do the same over here. It's like 4 posts in 1!!

Happy Knucklehead's Day

OK. I know I'm a week and a day late for wishing fathers everywhere a Happy Knucklehead's Day, but it is sincere nonetheless. I would normally wish all those fathers a Happy Father's Day, but as we sat in church and Jason starts moving the sacrament tray around so that Clark can't take a piece of bread I thought to myself Knucklehead's Day seemed more appropriate.
I am so grateful for Jason and what a great father he is to these two boys. They absolutely adore him and I do too. I'm also grateful to all of the other fathers in my, dad #2 Cam, and Jason's grandpas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your Should Have Seen the Other Guy...

Maybe it goes along with Knucklehead's Day or maybe it doesn't. Last Saturday I left Jason at home with the boys and went shopping with my mom. We weren't gone long, but when I came back, Kent was very upset and kept scratching at his forehead. I pulled him out of the sandbox and put some bug spray on him so that we could go back outside. I knew he had a few mosquito bites, but I never would have imagined this...
When he woke up on Monday and his eye was worse than Sunday I decided to call the doctor. They gave me a safe Benadryl dose and his eye started clearing up. By Tuesday he was almost normal. Poor guy.

Family Reunion

Yesterday we had a little family reunion with some of Jason's extended family. It was a great time. I don't have the full family picture, but I have some snapshots of the boys. Neither of them liked the water. I think it was too cold for Kent and Clark didn't like that he couldn't touch the bottom. 
Clark swimming his way to the camera.
Kent relaxing on the grass.

My Son the Red Hulk

Just in case you were only takes 2 minutes for a complete transformation. Shame on me for having to use the bathroom.


-michele said...

1) Oh my gosh-Joe does that with the tray too! I thought it was his heathen-ness, but alas, I guess it is the Knuckleheadness instead!

2) At least it wasn't a sharpie!

MALaub said...

First off, I completely agree with you on calling it Knucklehead's Day. Next, after looking at Kent's bug-beaten face on Sunday, I didn't think it could have looked worse on Monday, but I was wrong. Finally, I showed Ali the picture Clark's Red Hulk, and she said he was mad because she touched him at church. The red marker, according to Alison, was actually Clark being messy with food.


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