Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Out with Haynay

Earlier this month, we went to Chicago to visit a digi-friend of mine. Turns out she's real and not just digi! Anyway, we decided to make a little trip out of it for the boys as well. Here we are at one of my favorite places in Chicago...Cloud Gate...aka the Bean!
Kent's first time at the Bean...he LOVED it although he wasn't sure of that little boy that looked an awful lot like him.
Although Clark has been to the Bean before, he was a little apprehensive until he saw some school age boys playing around. Then it was all poses for Clark!!
Here we are - I'm with Heather of Haynay Designs. It was so fun to meet someone in real life that I had previously only known in forums. Heather was super sweet and we had a fun day visiting some landmarks, getting some great popcorn and having some awesome pizza! Thanks Heather for putting up with me and my two little ones on your vacation!!
We love Crown Fountain too. I was sort of prepared this time with a change of clothes for both of the boys. I knew they would want to get wet once they saw the fountain. Clark thought the water was great, but he was staying away from those big brick walls with faces.
Kent - the water baby
Awwww, brothers.
Even though Clark wasn't going to check out the faces spitting out water, he was certainly willing to drink and spit out the water in the fountain...I'm sure it's potable, right? I mean it has only had feet and diapers and whatever else is on the bottom of people's shoes. That's totally ingestible. Of course...I made him do it a few times so I could get a proper picture. And then he had to do it again so the little Asian girls could get a proper picture. Mother of the Year Award goes to ME!!


Anonymous said...

I love all the new posts. The Canoe trip on was so funny. I just love them all. Love Gigi

Haynay said...

Oh I had so much fun hanging with you in Chicago! I've been so busy with baseball and the end of school, I haven't even gotten to look at all the pictures I took! I'll send you any that are good!! Thanks for coming in and meeting me!


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