Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Rush Me, I'm Canoeing

Look at this good looking group of boys. They had such a great time last month when we decided to go on an impromptu canoe trip and picnic. They had a ton of fun going on "adventures" and throwing as many rocks as they could imagine.
I felt really old when Josh was "sharpening his stick" with a rock and told me, "This is how they did it in the 80s." Really? Maybe he meant 1880s? I mean now they have an app for sharpening your stick, right?
Jason totally in his element in a canoe. I don't think he is happier than when he is paddling. And I know I'm much happier when I don't have to paddle. I mean I have photos to take...who could expect me to paddle too? Clark LOVED being in the canoe. He hung over the side playing with the water the whole time. I see many long weeks of the boys on canoe trips and me all alone at home. Poor me, hehe! Oh what could I do with that free time?
Somehow Jake also got stuck paddling on his own! He didn't seem to mind at all though. The older boys had a lot of fun, but it was Zachery that was cracking me up! He just sat in front of his dad giggling the whole time. Such a cutie!
The Shore Crew...mostly because she'll hate it....oops!

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Melissa said...

Somehow I missed this post way back when, but it just popped up in the, "You might like" section.

Don't Rush Me, I'm Canoeing? Probably the best tee shirt, ever.


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