Thursday, January 20, 2011

Muffin Tin Dinner #1

Have you ever heard of Muffin Tin Meals? I am not quite sure where I heard the idea, but I loved it as soon as I did. Then I stumbled upon Muffin Tin Mom

I set out months ago in search of 6 cup muffin tins (regular size not the jumbo ones). They are really hard to find. I finally found these at a flea market on the Spoon River Drive. So after months of thinking about a muffin tin dinner, I decided to finally give it a go. Presenting our first Muffin Tin Dinner!!
grapes, goldfish, yogurt drink, cheese, strawberries, and PB&J
I'm pretty sure that I need to figure out portions for the little guy. That sure was a lot of food for him to eat. Of course he didn't have to clear the tin...just eat for crying out loud. I started with a theme of colors, but then I gave up because I didn't have enough stuff on hand for that. I still think it turned out cute.

And let's be honest...there was no yogurt drink on mine. Just a very healthy caramel colored Diet Coke. Yum. And I had a full sammy and not just a half.

Do you think this would fly as a dinner option for Jason? We'll see. He's at school right now, so he's picking up some fast food.
Isn't that cheese gorgeous? Just kidding.

Anyway...the really important part is that Mr. PICKY himself gives it two thumbs up! That's his super smiley face.
What did you have for dinner tonight?

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Jerri said...

Great post. I love seeing everyone's muffin tin ideas!

Thanks for commenting on my jewelry!


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