Friday, August 27, 2010

For Melissa - a little perspective!

OK, I'm thinking that I should have made the lines pink or something...I need some color. Oh well. Not enough time to redo.

Melissa asked for a little perspective on the laundry area, so here is a very BASIC floor plan of the family room/laundry area when we moved in. In the laundry room, they had cabinets on one side and the washer/dryer on the other side. The back door was right in the middle of the back wall of the laundry room.
We decided that we wanted to open things up a bit. More on the opening up later...but for now, you can see that we took out the wall and doorway that were the old laundry room and just made a little laundry closet.
Update on the progress: The first coat of mud is going on this evening. We bought paint for some cabinets, hardware for said cabinets, and some hardware for a very FUN project that I won't spoil as of yet!

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