Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finished with the Unfinished

So while I chatted with Tara a few weeks back, she asked how the house was coming along. She said that she hadn't seen any photos of all of our remodeling.
Truth is - I haven't posted any. You may have seen bits and pieces in the background of other photos, but no official before and after pictures. Why?

It's NEVER after. We're NEVER done with the project. NEVER done with a room. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!

However, I've decided that I am going to document our progress. That way you can see how lovely it looks so far. Indeed it has come a long way since we moved in just over 3 years ago. I'm also compiling a list of little projects that I need to complete. I complain so much about Jason not putting in my floor moulding, but there are plenty of projects that I can do to further the completion of the house (including putting in the floor moulding...shhhh...don't tell him I said that!)

I am starting with the laundry room closet. Here are the before pics...like WAYYYY before! This is what it looked like the day we moved in. We demoed this whole cabinet side (how do you like the splatter paint? Nice!!) We wanted things to be as open as they could be, so we opted for just a laundry closet. You can see the side we kept. Except we didn't KEEP any of it. Take out the yucky hangers. Take out the bent pole. Take out the yucky shelves. Take out the awful tile. Get rid of the splatter paint. Build a closet.
Which brings us to yesterday...when it looked like this...I wanted to leave it as dirty as I could so the reveal could be more dramatic.
First step was installing the vinyl tile. This is the commercial grade stuff that you see in Target and the like. It should wear okay, and I don't mind the way it looks. Especially in black. I suppose I could have done something more clever, but this was cheap and easy. Just the way I like it!
Stay tuned for more progress...I won't promise a finished project, but I will promise PROGRESS! We're contemplating making this a longer project by moving the water and drains and such down behind the appliances. That would be nice, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for all that drywall dust.


Tara said...

Yeah! Now I can see what is going on!

Melissa said...

Okay - so, I've been trying to figure this out for DAYS. Did you take out walls? Your "before" picture looks a lot like my "current" picture. I like where you're going with this - I need more perspective.


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