Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December Highlights Plus!

Merry Christmas from the Wildes! This was our Christmas Card pic from this year. I can't believe that he actually gave me a decent smile with his eyes opened. Too cute!
At the Live Nativity - we got out of all of our usual responsibilities this year because Jason was sick. I was at least glad that we were able to go see it. It's such a fun experience every year even if it is a lot of work.
Bad photo, but good Santa. Bass Pro Shops offers free photos with Santa, and you can even take your own camera along and snap an extra. Then of course you have to buy cherry slices or nuts or black licorice or several hundred dollars in camping gear - quite a good system they have set up.

Christmas morning in our matching alligator pjs. Clark picked out the fabric. I told Jason that some years he may end up wearing pink pjs when it is our little girl's turn to pick out fabric...if we ever have a girl that is!
Like father, like son.
Our first family photo of the New Year.
Clark's new winter hat - he loves this thing.
Chicago Wolves Game - the Wolves beat the Peoria Rivermen 3-2 in a shoot out. Pretty exciting.
Our future hockey star
Chris Chelios on defense. Jason was so excited to be able to see him play - even if he is 48.
All bundled up for sledding. Gigi and Boompa took Clark out sledding at the park. Clark kept wondering why the park didn't have any swings or slides. He enjoyed it though!


Melissa said...

I swear I left a comment like four days ago! I'll try again...

The Alligator Jammies are CLASSIC! Way to go...letting Clark pick out the fabric. You're so much more brave than I. You've got me beat in the crafty department as well.

Glad to see you had a joyous holiday. Can't wait to meet baby girl Wilde. Sadie Jane, I presume?! Yes...I think it's a girl.

Melissa said...

PS. I heart Clark. The kid could NOT get any cuter if he tried. SUCH.A.DOLL, that kid!


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