Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 09 Project

I did a (very little) bit of blog hopping today and ran across a blog that featured One Project a Month (OPAM). The deal was that you post a before picture of your project and commit to it on the first of the month, and then when you are done, you post the after shot. I thought it sounded like a reasonable idea and might get me to finish the projects that I have to do around the house. So, this is my September project: finishing touches on the basement. I'm trying to pick projects where Jason doesn't have to do too much. He doesn't do well with deadlines - just ask my mom!

A few details (more like a to do list for me...)
  • touch up paint on trim
  • paint door
  • install door handles
  • paint around the windows
  • figure out window treatments
  • have Jason install wood on railing
  • second coat of paint on stairs
OK...this is sounding more like a 3 month project, but let's just see how much I can accomplish! Here are some before shots...
Anyone care to join me? What are your unfinished projects? I'm off to paint the basement stairs!

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