Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Vacation pics...

ETA: I am so done with Blogger right now...sorry for the crappy formatting, but I am too tired to deal with it. Ugh. The photos all look a little blurry/grainy too. Not sure what that is all about. Whatever.

We had such a blast on vacation - I was so worried about the long road trip with Clark, but he definitely surprised me. He just picked up his latest issue of HULK and was engrossed...that and he likes to look for cows.

Here I am at our campsite...can we say fake smile?

We went whale watching - definitely a highlight of our trip! We saw 5 different finback whales - very cool.

Clark loved playing at the boat dock at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.

We walked along some of the Carriage Roads in the park, and found some more water to play in...

Thundercats - HO!

Family picture in Acadia


Yum - Ben and Bill's Candy Shoppe!

Running down Hill Cumorah

The Sacred Grove

Clark's first Dentist Visit

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