Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jason's Luck

We usually talk about how my dad seems to be the luckiest person EVER! He enters a raffle and sure enough he wins.

Well, Jason had a bit of that luck rub off on him, I guess. Friday night he attended the Bulls game with his dad and 2 friends. They went early to see if they could sign up for a time out/half time game. They asked Jason if he would like to play Basketbowl with John. He kicked and screamed, but eventually he gave in and agreed to play. Their task was to knock over the bowling pins with a basketball. John went first, and Jason picked up his spare. They won a pair of round trip tickets from United to anywhere in the lower 48! How cool is that?!!

1 comment:

Derek and Kristine said...

Ahem! NEW HAMPSHIRE, anyone??!?


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