Sunday, October 05, 2008

Spoon River

Clark and I just got back from our annual Spoon River trip...two days of shopping and eating! Clark had a blast! I'm not sure how many more years he will tolerate the trip, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Princeton, IL
The Strawllama in Bishop Hill, IL
Bishop Hill, IL
Street Musicians on Seminary St. in Galesburg, IL
The Barn in Knoxville, ILMom, I think I'll take this one...
Corn in Farmington, IL
Not pictured are Geneseo and London Mills, IL!
Can't wait until next year


Derek and Kristine said...

Yea! A post that I understand! I really don't get the scrapbooking one. LOS? Speed scrap? What?! Now cute pictures of a little boy- that I get!

Liz said...

Clark looks so awesome in those Converse!!!!!


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