Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Play Catch Up!

Here are some photos from our recent vacation to Minocqua, WI! We had such a blast. Clark didn't even mind the 6 hour drive there! He had problems coming home, but what kid wants to come home from vacation, right? Can't wait for next year!
Our first adventures in Geocaching! We love it...or at least some of us do. Others complained the whole time about too much walking!
This was the "treasure" that we found. Not too exciting. It's a necklace..."silver" charm on a leather rope. Hopefully all caches aren't this lame. But it isn't the treasure, it's the hunt.
Go-Karting! Always a family favorite!

We rented a pontoon boat for a day while we were out there. It was really great! We spent some time tubing, fishing, eating, laughing, and just cruising. Then we nicked the propellor. Oops.

Clark hated his life vest. We finally figured he wasn't going to jump out of the boat, so we took it off. Sssshhh, don't tell!

Can you believe we actually went tubing on the same day that we had to wrap up in coats and blankets? Wisconsin weather is so weird.


Clark digs his new bike carrier.


Anonymous said...

Are you referring to me here as the complainer? NICE

Boompa and GiGi said...

Who is the anonymous post? Vacation was fun and what great famly pictures. I think the geo cash group picture is nice.

Anonymous said...

Kelli the complainer


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