Monday, July 07, 2008

Clark Tastes Chicago

Goodness it was hard choosing photos for this post. I took 325 during our day downtown, but you only get to see 12. There just isn't enough time to upload them all. Clark loves sporting dad's glasses.
The commute is such a bear...good thing there is Auto Trader.
The bean!
Clark's new favorite thing to do...not quite my favorite thing.
I love this angle.

Resting our feet while we wait for Gigi and Boompa (they went to see Wicked for Gigi's birthday!)
The Taste of Chicago...yum! Clark was in heaven! He tried orange chicken, pierogi, corn on the cob, Chinese dumplings, sweet potato hash browns, fried rice, gyro, and ice cream. I think that was it. He LOVED everything.

Boompa finds a use for his hat. We had to save our forks because the booths usually only gave out one fork.

Full and Finished.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had a great time at the taste. Clark was so funny. He loved everything. I was full just watching him. Love Gigi


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