Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where did April go?

Can you believe I actually got away without posting on the blog for 1 whole month? Amazing! I'll try to never do it again. We had some fun times in April. Here is the Readers' Digest version...

We took Clark on his first Merry-Go-Round ride at the mall. I am probably supposed to Photoshop out Jason's hand holding Clark on the dragon, but who has the time...another day perhaps. I also got to take Josh on the teacup. I LOVE teacups. I was glad that he kept wanting to go faster and faster and faster. I love how the photos of him turned out all blurry in the background. This is just one of 30 or so in a 2 minute ride. Thank heavens for digital cameras!
We also hung out at the zoo a few times. Here is our family photo by the gorilla. We're adopting him later this year. Cameron and Clark posed for a photo in the canoe in the Swamp. And Clark learns the lesson of Jonah.

On another day, Josh and Clark visit the zoo and play on the playground. They really loved the slides, but Kelly has those pictures. I'll post them when she emails them!Clark favorite time of day no matter what month it is!
Clark and Cutlass just hanging out. Cutlass tolerates the abuse because someone is finally paying attention to her!
There it is. April in a nutshell. I actually still have pictures of the Morton Arboretum on my camera. I'll have to download those and then post the April Addendum.


Melissa said...

LOVE the Jonah picture. As in - couldn't adore it ANY more!

Steph said...

OK, I hate the teacups. Just thinking about them makes me want to barf. But I LOVE the pic of Josh on them!! That is top quality stuff!! :) Good job.

Your baby is so cute! Hey Amy had her baby! May 1st actually, 6 weeks early! Its crazy, but she and baby are both OK. I'll call you soon and we can catch up!


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